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Little Marvels Montessori is a family-driven educational community committed to empowering children for tomorrow’s challenges.
Education has always been the dream of our passionate owners. With Montessori Academy of North Texas as our first venture in April 2021, followed by the acquisition of Little Marvels Montessori in October 2022, we’re dedicated to providing a safe, clean, and enriching environment where children thrive. As a family-owned and operated school, we’re deeply involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring we uphold our vision for excellence at all times.
Our Montessori-certified teachers provide a nurturing atmosphere that fosters holistic development. Our spacious, pristine facility and comprehensive Montessori program impress prospective families during tours. However, we understand that what matters most to enrolled families is communication. That’s why we prioritize open and transparent communication channels to ensure that families feel supported and engaged every step of the way.
Leading our team is our Director, a seasoned Montessori educator with certifications from the American Montessori Society and the North American Montessori Center. With years of experience in the field, she brings expertise to her role, guiding young minds with dedication and passion. Embracing a child-centered approach, she provides a transformative educational adventure that nurtures each child’s unique talents and interests.
At Little Marvels Montessori, we’re not just shaping minds – we’re shaping the future.

Passionate Teachers Nurture Each Child’s Passions & Strengths

We believe every child flourishes in an environment that cherishes their individuality and offers ample emotional, social, and creative growth support. We empower each child to navigate the world confidently, strengthen new talents, and create meaningful connections by embracing their strengths, passions, and inquisitive nature.
Passionate Teachers Nurture Each Child’s Passions & Strengths
An Authentic Montessori Education Enhances Growth

An Authentic Montessori Education Enhances Growth

Experience genuine Montessori education led by seasoned, certified educators, many with over a decade of experience. Our method encourages independence, creativity, and critical thinking within a supportive setting. With interactive learning tools and individualized guidance, our instructors empower your child to explore, learn, and thrive at their own pace.

Our Mission

“To Equip Children With The Skills And Mindset They Need To Succeed In An Ever-Changing World.”

Unlock Your Child’s Limitless Potential With Authentic Montessori Care & Education!

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